Veltia LEED Points

Veltia Hand Dryers can help Obtain LEED points using the following:

Energy & Atmosphere
Minimum Energy Performance (EA Prerequisite 2)
Optimize Energy Performance (EA Credit 1)
Materials & Resources
Materials & Resources (MR Prerequisite 1 & 2)
Sustainable Purchasing: Ongoing Consumables (MR Credits 1.1 - 1.3)
Solid Waste Management: Ongoing Consumables (MR Credits 7.1 – 7.2)

Energy and Atmosphere

Minimum Energy Performance (EA Prerequisite 2, Credit 1)

The intent of the Minimum Energy Performance prerequisite is to establish a minimum level of operating energy
efficiency performance for the building and systems. The implementation of energy-saving operational and management
practices and/or energy-efficiency retrofits to reduce energy use to the required level will satisfy this prerequisite. Once
this prerequisite is satisfied, 2 to 15 LEED points can be obtained in the Energy and Atmosphere, Optimize Energy
Performance, category depending on the building’s energy efficiency.

Materials and Resources

Sustainable Purchasing and Solid Waste Management (MR Prerequisites 1 & 2, Credits 1.1 – 1.3 and Credits 7.1 – 7.2)
The intent of the Sustainable Purchasing Policy prerequisite (MR Prerequisite 1) is to reduce the environmental impact of
materials acquired for use in the operations, maintenance, and upgrades of buildings and the intent of the Solid Waste
Management Policy prerequisite (MR Prerequisite 2) is to reduce the amount of waste and toxins that are hauled to and
disposed of in landfills or incineration facilities. Once these prerequisites are satisfied, 1 to 5 points may be obtained in
the Materials and Resources, Sustainable Purchasing – Ongoing Consumables and Solid Waste Management – Ongoing
Consumables categories.

Conserves Energy

- Uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers
- Manages Loads Through Infra-red Sensor Activation


- Hands-Free Operation

Reduces Operational Waste & Pollution

- Reduces landfill caused by paper towel waste
- Reduced Bathroom Waste Equals Reduced Bathroom Maintenance
-  Reduces Need for Waste Hauling and Disposal