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Mgs - BioBall - Save Water Save Costs Save Environment


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BIOBALL waterless urinal cartridges are an ideal way of converting urinals to become waterless. These cartridges do not need any new waterless urinals. Existing urinals can be used, saving a large amount of initial capital.

BIOBALL waterless urinal cartridges work by containing special bio-enzymes that consume uric salt and other components of urine, leaving only water down the drain. This system also emits a minty fresh odor, removing any need of deodorizers for toilets, thus, another valuable cost saving. These bio-enzymes also go through the pipes and eat up any clogs, they are 100% environmental and safe.

These waterless urinal cartridges also carry the best value for money by lasting up to 1 month before replacing. They are the most cost effective per use compared to any leading waterless urinal systems currently available, and have the fastest ROI compared to any product in the market.

BIOBALL waterless urinal cartridge goes a step further  by being the only waterless urinal solution to be 100% biodegradable. The entire plastic is made out of starch polymer, which can dissolve over time on any landfill or compost.

BIOBALL waterless urinal cartridge does not contain any hazardous or toxic chemical whatsoever, making this completely environmental.

Bioball FAQ's

Is BioBall a waterless urine outlet device ?

No. there is no such thing as a truly waterless urinal. Some manufacturers of claimed waterless devices even supply a watering can so you can manually flush the urinals!   
BioBall only needs a minimal amount of water to activate the highly effective and efficient BioBall enzyme block which is encapsulated in the unique BioBall cage. BioBall will reduce the amount of water needed for flushing by up to 95%. With a small amount of water, BioBall will disperse uric salt and significantly reduce lime scale whilst creating a very pleasant fragrant ambiance within the washroom.
What is in the BioBall enzyme block?
The BioBall enzyme block contains 80 billion ‘friendly bacteria’ bugs which makes it more powerful than other leading “easy to use” bio cube products currently available on the market. BioBall optimises the extremely powerful biological elements of protease, lipases and urease to create a strong anaerobic reaction within the urinal and downstream drainage system where most foul odours start. BioBall gradually and naturally dissolves ALL forms of foul substances that can cause drain blockages. BioBall is confident that its immense cleaning power will reduce the ever increasing maintenance costs that many companies face, thus help and support business to be eco compliant by achieving their environmental goals while offering a practical and innovative solution to the washroom environment. 
What is the difference between BioBal and the numerous other Urinal Outlet Devices (UOD’s) that are available on the market?
BioBall is installed above the actual urinal outlet and as such is not regarded as a UOD device. A typical UOD example would be the sanisleeve which actually installs into a modified urinal outlet and the majority of its components are hidden in the drainage. BioBall actually delivers what it says it will and its unique design is the perfect solution to urinals in the washroom. The following points will prove that BioBall is the best solution for 99% of urinals.
BioBall is at least 20 times stronger than the nearest commercial competitive product and each BioBall block contains 80 billion friendly bacteria. The power of the BioBall provides the ultimate but cost effective solution to low cost urinal hygiene. BioBall reduces the cost of ongoing drain maintenance significantly; It has a proven de-scaling action which quickly erodes uric salt and lime scale.
Unlike most toss blocks or other urinal block products, BioBall will leave no “bio Mass” residue within the drainage system. The BioBall cage is also bio degradable and when disposed of correctly it will dissolve completely. A BioBall will not permanently mark or dyeurinal surfaces or plastic fittings.
A urinal will only require one BioBall unlike other cubes or toss blocks that require handfuls of product to control foul odours. BioBall has a really effective fragrance level with an inbuilt filter
Will BioBall help to save the amount of water that is used in flushing urinals?
Yes. A standard urinal with average use will be used around 150 times a day. This average amount of usage will require between 24 and 96 water flushes per day By introducing BioBall to the urinal bowl the need for flushing is reduce to between 2 and 6 times a day. Water saving will very much depend and alter according the water control systems that are being used within specific washrooms. BioBall aims to reduce the amount of water needed by 90 - 95% from an uncontrolled standard cistern flushing system.
How much money will BioBall save my business?
BioBall will definitely save your business money, time and effort. BioBall is very aware that each washroom environment is managed differently, as are the related cost and facilities management. BioBall is more than happy to discuss with customers how much BioBall will improve the cost and maintenance levels. Please contact or call 0845 241 9900. BioBall will assist your company to achieve its ISO 14001 accreditation.
How long will the BioBall last for in the urinal and how do I know when to change it?
 A standard urinal with average use will be used around 150 times a day, with 24-96 flushes. BioBall will aim to reduce this flushing to 2-6 times a day. BioBall enzyme block as been designed to effectively last for approximately 3 weeks with a 90 - 95% decrease in flushing. However this will vary according to the level of usage and maintenance. After the three weeks, it can easily be replaced with a new BioBall.
The BioBall block will be effective until it has completely disappeared and for approx 2 days afterwards however we recommend that when the BioBall enzyme block has visibly dissolved it is then immediately replaced. Unlike many other bio block brands, only one BioBall is required per urinal.
What does the BioBall solution cost?
BioBall does not require any alteration or conversion to the urinals in the washroom. The only cost incurred is the BioBall itself, the BioBall is simply placed in the bowl of the urinal and the powerful enzyme block immediately gets to work. BioBall can be positioned above the flushing waterline with the use of the pedestal lollipop. The pedestal is simply attached to the BioBall base and then can neatly be placed into the drain outlet grill. If there is not a hole available in the outlet, BioBall suggests that with simple drilling this can be rectified. The elevated BioBall can then be placed directly on top of outlet of the urinal. This provides a more aesthetic presentation and allows for optimum efficiency of the BioBall enzyme.
Should we continue with using chemicals and chemical disinfectants with a BioBall Installed?
DEFINITELY NOT, Aggressive, Acidic and environmentally damaging chemicals will temporarily damage the good eco balance that the BioBall establishes in the drainage. We insist that the old practice of using the urinal as a discharge point for floor cleaning waste etc is bad practice and should be avoided.
Our supplementary BioBall Liquid cleaning trigger sprays utilise the same enzyme compounds as the BioBall blocks and they can be safely used to clean the washroom surrounding area including urinal bowls as well as acting as a backup product in times of heavy use.
Will BioBall improve the hygiene levels with the washroom environment?
YES  It certainly will because of the significant reduction in water, as bad and harmful bacteria love being in wet and damp environments. They spread with ease and can result in a hazardous and unpleasant washroom. In a drier washroom they don’t spread with such ferocity. BioBall significantly improves the hygiene of the washroom. The formula is simple.
Less water + BioBall = dramatically less bacteria. 
BioBall with its 80 billion strong army of friendly bacteria work hard to stop the build up of bad substances such as uric salt and lime scale down the drainage which negates the need for offensive masking fragrance sprays.
Will BioBall fit all types of urinals?
BioBall can be fitted to 99% of all stand alone and trough urinals. Stand alone urinals only require one BioBall unit; however some trough urinals may require 2-3 BioBalls depending on trough length.
Is BioBall completely eco-friendly?
Absolutely BioBall has been developed not only to have a powerful cleaning capability but also to be completely environmentally friendly in its composition, bio-degradability and its commitment to the preservation of the environment and waterways. BioBall is based on all natural ingredients and made up from natural compounds with naturally occurring enzymes and fragrances. There are no harmful ecological effects.
Do our cleaning staff need to follow special BioBall cleaning instructions?
Using BioBall could not be simpler. It will make your cleaning and janitorial staff lives a lot easier. However there are a few basic steps that need to be followed:
Step 1       
When using BioBall for the first time ensure that the bowl of the urinal is clean, and debris must be removed on a regular basis
Step 2       
Remove the BioBall from the packaging.
Step 3       
BioBall can either be placed freely at the outlet of the urinal or can be integrated onto the outlet drain with the use of the pedestal. This will provide a more aesthetic appearance to the urinal bowl and stops the BioBall from rolling around. When the BioBall is elevated above the flushing waterline it allows BioBall to work at its optimum efficiency.
Step 4      
When the BioBall enzyme block has dissolved, it is advised to replace the complete BioBall unit with a new one.