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Oxygenics PowerSpa Series

3 Power Sprays – 3x the Performance

The three-spray PowerSpa harnesses the power of Oxygenics technology into three dynamic and pleasing sprays. It uses the responsive Intellever to switch between the sprays effortlessly, and the elegant styling adds the perfect touch of refinement to any shower. The PowerSpa is designed to be eco-friendly and economical, saving up to 70% in water and energy consumption compared to traditional shower fixtures.

Pressure Increasing Technology

Increased water velocity + air induction = MORE PRESSURE. The patented technology ensures an invigorating pressurized shower spray regardless of water pressure.

Three Sprays Settings

Each of the three spray settings provides an invigorating and pleasurable shower experience that will provide just the right spray for every mood or application.

Easy Intellever Switch

Switching between the sprays is effortless. Simply press lightly on the Intellever and the sprays transition seamlessly into one another for the ultimate shower experience.

Eco-Friendly and Economical

Oxygenics uses 20-70% less water compared to industry leading brands. Thousands of gallons of water can be saved each year which means significant energy and money savings.

No Clogging – Zero Maintenance

The internal components are made of Delrin® - a material similar to Teflon® which increases durability and eliminates clogging, mineral buildup and corrosion. No cleaning required — install it and forget it!

Guaranteed For Life

The Oxygenics PowerSpa comes with a lifetime performance warranty against clogging. It's guaranteed not to clog – EVER.

Also Available in Handheld option