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Oxygenics Vortex

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Immerse yourself with Oxygenics Vortex, a showerhead that has a 10" wide face, for the most complete coverage possible, and 8 unique spray settings, allowing for a fully customizable shower fit for every mood and different likes. Using the responsive Intellever, a new spray is only a simple finger flick away. Low pressure and a single mundane setting are a thing of the past.

Increased water velocity + air induction = MORE PRESSURE. The patented technology ensures an invigorating pressurized shower spray regardless of water pressure.  The customizable shower head With a 9" adjustable extension arm, and 8 different spray settings, the Vortex provides a fully customized shower experience.  

The internal components are made of Delrin - a material similar to Teflon which increases durability and eliminates clogging, mineral build-up and corrosion. No cleaning or maintenance required!
Guaranteed for Life The Oxygenics Vortex comes with a lifetime performance warranty against clogging. It's guaranteed not to clog - EVER.

The Oxygenics system uses patented technology to continually introduce air into the shower water creating a powerful oxygenated spray. In fact, Oxygenics can increase oxygen content in your water up to 10 times! Shower yourself in health!