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Veltia Hand Dryers

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Veltia Hand Dryers

Veltia New Generation Hand Dryers

Veltia Hand Dryers are the next generation of hand dryers, carrying a vast array of amazing features in one small package. This hand dryer addresses our need for environmental and economical hand dryer solutions.

Environmental – Veltia hand dryers take 10 to 15 seconds to dry hands without any hand movement. Its fast drying means lesser line to the hand dryer, lesser hand dryer needs per toilet, and less electricity consumption, saving up to 80% energy consumption compared to a regular hand dryer.

Comfortable – Veltia hand dryers do not need any hand movement. This assures the user will not have any difficulty using the hand dryer. Simply put your hands on the top opening and in a few seconds they will be efficiently dried.

Hygienic – Your hands do not touch the unit at all and the water does not drop on the floor. It is also waste free

Modern Design – With a myriad of available colors, Veltia hand dryers are a stylish upgrade for any toilet facility

Zero Smell – With the use of the zero smell solution, Veltia assures that the air used to dry hands is clean and odor free. It also improves the air quality in the toilet where it is being used.

High speed air flow - 10-15 seconds total drying time - no hand movements

The Veltia Hand Dryer operates with a world wide patented system becoming the most exclusive and innovative Hand Dryer in the world.

This innovative hand dryer removes all the water from your hands quickly thanks to a high speed jet stream of up to 200 Km/h. This novel system allows VELTIA to dry your hands in just 10-15 seconds.

The Veltia Hand Dryer's air jets dry hands faster than conventional warm air dryers and without any mess because the water is collected by a drain tank inside the dryer so it will not leak out.

And unlike paper towels or cloth towel dispensers, the hands make no contact with any part of the unit. Therefore it is hygienic and waste-free. Additionally there is no need to refill or to service any dispensers, so it requires less maintenance.

The Zero Smell Feature allows the Veltia Hand Dryer to neutralize bad scents thanks to a unique technology that gets rid of malodorous smells, maintaining a fresher environment. This is a very exclusive novelty that only Veltia can offer.

Comfortable and easy to use

1. Put your wet hands vertically into the top opening of the Veltia hand dryer.

2. Strategically located sensors detect your hands and activate the air jets to quickly and effectively dry your hands until you remove them from the unit.

3. If you leave your hands inside the unit for a long time, the dryer will stop after 25 seconds.

Compared to the Veltia Hand Dryer, other hand-drying methods in public facilities have several drawbacks.
Disadvantages of conventional hand-drying methods
1. Paper towel dispenser 
. Wastes the natural resources 
. Fills up waste receptacle 
. Causes problems with Waste disposal 
. Maintenance cost (paper cost) 
. It is a potential fire hazard

2. Cloth towel dispenser 
. It is unsanitary except for first use 
. Sometimes it is difficult to use 
. Often not replaced properly after use 
. High Maintenance cost 
. Troublesome to mantain, replace

3. Warm-air dryers 
. Time-consuming. Take a long time to operate 
. Hands do not get completely dry 
. Noisy 
. Water drips onto floor causing a mess 
. High electrical consumption 

Veltia Hand Dryer is a better solution

1. Fast drying
Dries both sides of both hands in 10-15 seconds.
2. High performance
The more it is used, the greater the savings.
3. Eliminates Bad Scents
Providing a fresher and cleaner environment
4. Easy maintenance - Waste Free
No towels to replace, no paper towel refills.
5. Outstanding sanitary design
Completely contact-free, dries with 100% clean air.
6. Ecologic
Veltia Hand Dryer reduces dependence of natural resources and in comparison with other electrical hand dryers it saves power consumption.

The Veltia Hand Dryer is finding a wide use in offices, food processing plants processing plants, restaurants, hotels, airports, nightclubs, supermarkets and many other facilities where a high level of sanitation is critical. It's cost-effective and environmentally friendly design offers users with a number of different advantages.

1. Convenient 
By using jet air current to remove water from the hands, the Veltia Hand Dryer eliminates the need to wipe hands at all. Its fast action leaves hands thoroughly dry in just 10-15 seconds, without any hand movement.

2. Hygienic 
Since there’s absolutely no contact with hands, the Veltia Hand Dryer use is sanitary and because no paper waste is generated it offers the added benefit of keeping the washroom environment cleaner and tidier. 
For restricted areas such as sanitary sector, food and pharmaceutical industries, the Veltia Hand Dryers counts on a Sanitary Protocol that assures a safe operation for highly controlled environments, where traditional hand dryers are not allowed.

3. Zero Smell - GEL 
Veltia Hand Dryers include an innovative system that neutralize bad smells. This system is biodegradable, non toxic and very easy to maintain. Thus Veltia is not only a highly efficient and ecological friendly hand dryer with an elegant design but also provides a cleaner and fresher environment.

4. Economical 
Once up and running, the only cost factor is electric power. This makes the Veltia Hand Dryer comparatively cheaper than paper towel dispensers or cloth towel racks.

5. Simple maintenance 
Water from hands is collected in the unit’s drain tank so the floor stays dry. Besides with no more towel dispensers requiring refills or replacements there is no more paper waste to pile up. The unit is designed for easy of maintenance.

6. Environmentally-friendly 
Because paper waste is completely eliminated, the Veltia Hand Dryer reduces dependence of natural resources and compared to other hand dryers saves electrical consumption.